**Completely handcrafted with Authentic Crystals and Divine Love***
Aventurine Statement Necklace ~ 18”
Crafted With:
Aventurine Crystals
~Stone of Luck
~Money Magnet
~Amplifies energy during Meditation
~Releases Anxiety
~Relieves Stress
~Promotes Loving Relationships
~~Chakra ~ Heart/4th Chakra
Peach Moon Stone Crystals
~Amplifies the natural healing qualities of the Moon
~Creates balance between the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine 
~Increases psychic knowledge 
~Strengthens Clairvoyance 
~Channels Goddess energy
~~Chakra ~ Crown/7th Chakra
~~Zodiacs ~ Libra, Scorpio, & Cancer
Rose Hematite Crystals
~Stimulates the mind
~Grounding and Balancing
~Enhances memory
~Promotes courage in women
~Increases Self-esteem
~Helps strengthen will power
~Builds confidence
~Helps keep you grounded and stable
~Releases pain in the body
~~Zodiacs ~ Aquarius
~~Chakra ~ Root/1st Chakra
~One of the metals of Alchemy
~Stone of luck
~Obtains strong Metaphysical properties
~Assists in balancing the physical body with the astral body
~Increases energy
~Promotes a strong independence
~Promotes motivation
~Magnifies thoughts
~Helps manifest loving relationships with others and self
~Healing Energy
~From my heart to yours

Aventurine Statement Necklace